Commit d555246e authored by Anders Damsgaard's avatar Anders Damsgaard

improve documentation strings

parent dea692ef
// write form data to file
// uploadhistory.php
// Validates form data from pages/history.html and writes a file for the Matlab
// script file_scanner_mcmc_starter.m to read as input for the MCMC inversion.
if (isset($_POST['sample_id'])) {
// generate string containing all user input.
// addslashes adds backslashes before characters that need to be escaped.
......@@ -18,7 +21,8 @@ if (isset($_POST['sample_id'])) {
die('Invalid post data sent');
// redirect user after processing uploaded data, before any output!
// redirect user after processing uploaded data, header function call must be
// before any output!
header("Location: /cosmo");
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