Commit 7878323a authored by Anders Damsgaard's avatar Anders Damsgaard

begin server-side form validation

parent d555246e
......@@ -3,6 +3,42 @@
// Validates form data from pages/history.html and writes a file for the Matlab
// script file_scanner_mcmc_starter.m to read as input for the MCMC inversion.
//$missing_fields = ''; // string of missing field names
$missing_fields = array(); // array of missing field names
// Check required fields one by one
if (!isset($_POST['sample_id'])) {
array_push($missing_fields, 'Sample ID');
die('sample_id missing');
if (!isset($_POST['your_name'])) {
array_push($missing_fields, 'Your Name');
if (!isset($_POST['email'])) {
array_push($missing_fields, 'Email');
if (!isset($_POST['lat'])) {
array_push($missing_fields, 'Latitude');
if (!isset($_POST['long'])) {
array_push($missing_fields, 'Longitude');
// If something is missing, send error to user and make him/her go back
if (count($missing_fields) > 0) {
$error_msg = '<html><body>' .
'<h2>Invalid input</h2>' .
'<p>The following values are missing: <b>';
foreach ($missing_fields as $field) {
$error_msg .= $field . ', ';
$error_msg .= '</b></p><p>Please <a href="javascript:history.back()">go' .
' back</a> and fill in the missing field values.</p></body></html>';
die($error_msg); // end this script, print error
// If this is reached, input is ok and it is time to write the file for matlab
if (isset($_POST['sample_id'])) {
// generate string containing all user input.
// addslashes adds backslashes before characters that need to be escaped.
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