Commit 0aeb00c7 authored by Anders Damsgaard's avatar Anders Damsgaard

add server-side utility scripts

parent 16f7cd5d
echo "starting $SESSION tmux session"
tmux has-session -t $SESSION
if [ $? != 0 ]
cd ~/cosmo
# Create new session, name it, name the window, detach
tmux new-session -s $SESSION -n matlab -d
tmux send-keys -t $SESSION './' C-m
tmux new-window -t $SESSION -n rsync
tmux send-keys -t $SESSION 'watch -n 10 ./' C-m
tmux new-window -t $SESSION -n top
tmux send-keys -t $SESSION 'top' C-m
tmux select-window -t $SESSION:1 # select first pane
tmux attach -t $SESSION
cd /home/adc/cosmo/matlab && bash
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