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Release v3.6.0

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<p>Weather readings are captured using your AcuRite Access or SmartHub device and an AcuRite Iris (5-in-1)
or Atlas (7-in-1), as well as any Tower sensors.</p>
<p>Developed using PHP and MariaDB/MySQL for data storage.</p>
<h4>Local bare-metal/VM installations supported only on Debian/Rasbian Buster(10) and Ubuntu
<h4>Local bare-metal/VM installations supported only on Debian/Rasbian Buster(10)/Bullseye(11) and Ubuntu
<h5>A Docker Container install is also supported using Docker Compose.</h5>
<h3>Latest Release: Version {{ release.version }}</h3>
version: '3.6.0'
title: 'Debian Bullseye Support'
date: 2021-08-22
layout: release
permalink: /releases/v3-6-0
image: assets/img/release.jpg
### Changed
- Move container image to and add installer support for Debian Bullseye.
- A [Buster to Bullseye update script]( is available.
- MariaDB container updated to Bullseye and MariaDB v10.5.
- Bootstrap to v5.1.0.
- FontAwesome to v5.15.4.
### Fixed
- `strikecount` always 0 / Undefined array warning.
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