Commit 70666d2f authored by acidhunter's avatar acidhunter

Update Dockerfile

parent 0ce57d16
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......@@ -4,8 +4,7 @@ ENV NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES compute,utility
RUN sudo pacman -Sy --noprogressbar --noconfirm nvidia-utils clinfo
RUN BUILDDIR=/tmp/makepkg MAKEFLAGS="-j7" sudo -u user yay -Sy --noconfirm --nodiffmenu mandelbulber2-opencl-git
RUN BUILDDIR=/tmp/makepkg MAKEFLAGS="-j7" /bin/bash -c "sudo -u user yay -Sy --noconfirm --nodiffmenu mandelbulber2-opencl-git"
RUN /bin/bash -c "sudo pacman -Sy --noprogressbar --noconfirm opencl-nvidia"
CMD [ "mandelbulber2", "-g", "-n" ]
\ No newline at end of file
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