Commit e3d0c380 authored by Corentin Noël's avatar Corentin Noël

Allow to test with gsignond

parent 6992bd4b
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......@@ -20,14 +20,25 @@ test_env.set('SSO_EXTENSIONS_DIR', '/tmp') # this disables all extensions
test_env.set('G_MESSAGES_DEBUG', 'all')
dbus_test_runner = find_program('dbus-test-runner', required: false)
if dbus_test_runner.found()
message('Using dbus-test-runner')
signond = find_program('signond', required: false)
if (not signond.found())
signond = find_program('gsignond', required: false)
if (not signond.found())
error('The signon or gsignon daemon is required to run the tests.')
args: [
'-m', '180', '--keep-env',
'-t', 'signond', '-r',
'-t', signond.path(), '-r',
'-t', signon_glib_testsuite, '-f', '',
timeout: 300, # Timeout after 5 minutes
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