Commit 9280e539 authored by Corentin Noël's avatar Corentin Noël

Rename `debug` option to `debugging`

parent 80e08a80
Pipeline #32851441 (#102) passed with stages
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......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ if get_option('tests')
check_dep = dependency('check', version: '>=0.9.4')
if get_option('debug')
if get_option('debugging')
add_project_arguments('-DENABLE_DEBUG=1', language : 'c')
option('tests', type : 'boolean', description : 'Build with test support')
option('debug', type : 'boolean', value: false, description : 'Printing of debug messages')
option('debugging', type : 'boolean', value: false, description : 'Printing of debug messages')
option('python', type : 'boolean', description : 'Build with python support')
option('documentation', type : 'boolean', description : 'Generate the documentation of the library')
option('introspection', type : 'boolean', description : 'Build with the GObject introspection support')
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