Commit c3f959c4 authored by Sharif Elgamal's avatar Sharif Elgamal

add test to make sure volume is gone

parent 01145c3c
......@@ -140,8 +140,8 @@ func validateStopRunningNode(ctx context.Context, t *testing.T, profile string)
func validateStartNodeAfterStop(ctx context.Context, t *testing.T, profile string) {
// TODO (#7496): remove skip once restarts work
t.Skip("Restarting nodes is broken :(")
t.Skip("Restarting nodes is broken :(")
// Grab the stopped node
name := "m03"
......@@ -189,4 +189,11 @@ func validateDeleteNodeFromMultiNode(ctx context.Context, t *testing.T, profile
t.Errorf("status says both kubelets are not running: args %q: %v", rr.Command(), rr.Stdout.String())
if DockerDriver() {
rr, err := Run(t, exec.Command("docker", "volume", "ls"))
if strings.Contains(rr.Stdout.String(), fmt.Sprintf("%s-%s", profile, name) {
t.Errorf("docker volume was not properly deleted: %s", rr.Stdout.String())
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