Unverified Commit 4c6b435f authored by Medya Ghazizadeh's avatar Medya Ghazizadeh Committed by GitHub

revert docker volume host path (#6616)

parent b911e8f0
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......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ func CreateContainerNode(p CreateParams) error {
runArgs = append(runArgs, "--volume", fmt.Sprintf("%s:/var:exec", hostVarVolPath))
if p.OCIBinary == Docker {
runArgs = append(runArgs, "--volume", fmt.Sprintf("%s:/var", hostVarVolPath))
runArgs = append(runArgs, "--volume", "/var")
// setting resource limit in privileged mode is only supported by docker
// podman error: "Error: invalid configuration, cannot set resources with rootless containers not using cgroups v2 unified mode"
runArgs = append(runArgs, fmt.Sprintf("--cpus=%s", p.CPUs), fmt.Sprintf("--memory=%s", p.Memory))
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