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About: s/Twitter/Mastodon/, plus other link updates

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......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ WordPress-Post-ID: 334
WordPress-Post-Type: page
Hi, I'm Annika Backstrom. I'm a software engineer in New Hampshire, US.
Find me on [Twitter], or reach me [via email](
Find me on [Mastodon as][4], or reach me [via email](
The site is hosted on a [Linode][] server. Sign up with that link and I get a
pretty decent referral bonus!
......@@ -33,18 +33,13 @@ pretty decent referral bonus!
* On October 23, 2017, I relicensed all CC BY-SA 2.0 work on this site
under [CC BY-SA 4.0][1].
An incomplete visual history of this blog's theme is [available for
posterity][]. The old WordPress theme files are [available online][] via
gitweb. These WordPress files are implicitly licensed under the terms of the
[GNU Public License][], as they are a derivative work of WordPress. The source
repository for the Pelican site is also [available online][3].
The Git repository for the Pelican site is [available online][3].
An [incomplete visual history][5] of this site's theme is available for
posterity. Old WordPress theme files are [also available][] via Git.
[available for posterity]: /theme-evolution "Theme Evolution"
[available online]:
[GNU Public License]:
[migrated to WordPress]:
......@@ -52,3 +47,5 @@ repository for the Pelican site is also [available online][3].
[5]: /theme-evolution "Theme Evolution"
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