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......@@ -8,11 +8,10 @@ WordPress-Post-Type: post
Here's my currently-running Activity Monitor:
[][][![Activity Monitor][]][]
[![Activity Monitor][]][activity-monitor-orig]
That process at the top of the list? [SQL Developer][].
[Activity Monitor]: /~adam/wp-uploads/2009/01/picture-1-300x235.png
[![Activity Monitor][]]: /~adam/wp-uploads/2009/01/picture-1.png
[Activity Monitor]:
[SQL Developer]:
......@@ -9,17 +9,13 @@ This page list some past and current projects of mine.
### Code
- [][] — Track your MacBook's battery health over time.
Logs data to a SQLite database using Python.
- [Wowhead Tooltips for Mediawiki][] -- link to World of Warcraft
items on using \<wowhead\>Item\</wowhead\> syntax
items on using `<wowhead>Item</wowhead>` syntax
- [Realmwatch][] -- World of Warcraft realm status on your Palm webOS
device (Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, etc.)
[]: /projects/batterylog
[Wowhead Tooltips for Mediawiki]:
[Realmwatch]: /projects/realmwatch
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