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Title: 16.7 Exabytes
Date: 2009-01-15 13:26
Author: Adam
Category: Computers
Tags: Mac OS X, processes, sqldeveloper, top, virtual memory
Here's my currently-running Activity Monitor:
[][][![Activity Monitor][]][]
That process at the top of the list? [SQL Developer][].
[Activity Monitor]: /~adam/wp-uploads/2009/01/picture-1-300x235.png
[![Activity Monitor][]]: /~adam/wp-uploads/2009/01/picture-1.png
[SQL Developer]:
Title: Feedback Loop
Date: 2012-10-24 09:36
Author: Adam
Category: Web
Tags: nginx, social, ssl, Twitter
[William Chan][] blogs about [SSL record sizes in the wild][],
remarking, "My site sucks since I have no way to control this in nginx."
[@nginxorg][] links to the article, and drops William a hint for
tweaking his setup:
<!--</p><p>SSL record sizes in the wild by William Chan… (spoiler: NGX_SSL_BUFSIZE is defined in src/event/ngx_event_openssl.h)</p><p>-->
You guys, I think the system works!
[William Chan]:
[SSL record sizes in the wild]:
Title: Starstruck
Date: 2012-10-25 09:41
Author: Adam
Category: Personal
Tags: Brooklyn
Had my first starstruck moment in Brooklyn, standing next to Maggie
Gyllenhaal on the subway.
Title: Page Rank after SSL Migration
Date: 2012-11-20 10:19
Author: Adam
Category: Personal
I migrated my blog to SSL on Nov. 6, but setting a 301 redirect on the
non-SSL version has dropped me down below Twitter, Google+, GitHub,
Stack Overflow, and one or two others in Google. Geek frustration level
Title: A Blog is Born
Date: 2002-12-06 22:19
Author: Adam
Category: Blogging
After much deliberation, procrastination, and general supressing of my
own ego, I have finally decided to take the plunge and dive face-first
into the exciting world of [blogging][]. I have a fresh copy of [Movable
Type][], a fist full of links, and a brain just itching to be dumped out
over the web for all to see.
Let us wish for the best, eh?
[Movable Type]:
Title: A Lone Echo Post
Date: 2003-06-30 19:48
Author: Adam
Category: Web
Tags: atom, Echo, syndication
There has been quite a bit of talk lately regarding [Echo][], which aims
to replace RSS as the syndication de facto standard. This drive for a
replacement is due in no small part to the politics around RSS, and what
seems to be a general distaste for [Dave Winer][], father of RSS.
Really, I don't know all the details, and honestly, it doesn't really
make much of a difference to me at this point. I don't subscribe to any
RSS feeds, and the only reason they exist for my blog is because they're
part of the default Movable Type installation. But Dave [called for
support][] of RSS, so here's what he gets:
**If and when the Echo spec is finalized, I will support and publish
Echo-formatted feeds, and *only* Echo-formatted feeds.** If and when.
Echo is young. It has some powerful minds behind it, but there's still a
long road ahead. I have no doubts that a final product from this group
of people will be complete and well thought out. So, here's to the
developers. See you at the crossroads.
[Dave Winer]:
[called for support]:
Title: A Vim of a Different Color
Date: 2009-03-26 23:07
Author: Adam
Category: Linux, Mac OS X
Tags: iterm, screen, Vim
After one too many compilation errors due to a missing
quote/brace/bracket/etc., I finally enabled Vim syntax highlighting. The
rabbit hole:
1. `:syn on`. These colors suck. Look for themes.
2. 4 bit themes suck. Let's set up an 8 bit color terminal.
3. Leopard's [fails][], install iTerm 0.9.6.
4. iTerm works, but I use GNU screen all day. Recompile screen with
5. screen wins, but doesn't play nice with the delete key in iTerm.
[Fix it][].
6. Compile Vim 7.2 for 8 bit support.
7. Get an [8 bit theme][]. `set t_Co=256` in `.vimrc`.
8. `" syntax highlight html files using the php highlighter`
`autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.html set filetype=php`
9. Install [FuzzyFinder][] for good measure now that we're out of Vim
6.3 territory.
10. Start saving seconds/minutes/hours of my life that before were
consumed by syntax errors.
[Fix it]:
[8 bit theme]:
[vim-color]: /~adam/wp-uploads/2009/03/vim-color.png
Title: IE "Operation Aborted" and jQuery
Date: 2008-07-09 07:58
Author: Adam
Category: Web
Tags: ie, ie7, internet explorer, internet explorer 7, JavaScript, jgrowl, jquery
[![Operation Aborted dialog][]][]I ran into a problem with Internet
Explorer 7's "[Operation Aborted][]" dialog yesterday. When displaying a
message via [jGrowl][], IE7 would display the contents leading up to my
`<script>` tag, then die with that error and redisplay a "friendly"
error page claiming, "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage."
The previously mentioned IEBlog article immediately shined light on my
mistake: `$.jGrowl()` was attempting to modify `<body>` before the tag
had been closed. The solution: place my `$.jGrowl()` calls in
[Operation Aborted dialog]: /~adam/2008/07/09/
[![Operation Aborted dialog][]]: /~adam/2008/07/09/aborted.jpg
[Operation Aborted]:
Title: About
Date: 2005-09-07 22:38
Author: Adam
This is the personal weblog of Adam Backstrom. It often acts as a
dumping ground for questions and answers regarding web development, PHP,
Mac OS X, the command line, and other relevant tech topics. As of
January 23, 2005, content on this blog is released under the [Creative
Commons][] [Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0][] license.
The blog is hosted by a "[Linode][] 768" virtual server. (The preceding
link includes my Linode referral code.)
A incomplete visual history of this blog's theme is [available for
posterity][]. In addition, the [theme files are available online][] via
gitweb. These files are implicitly licensed under the terms of the [GNU
Public License][], as they are a derivative work of WordPress.
On June 1, 2009, the blog's domain changed from to "603" is the New Hampshire telephone area code.
About the Author
Adam is a father, husband, and web developer in central New Hampshire.
He frequently works with PHP, JavaScript + jQuery, and WordPress in a
GNU/Linux environment.
Every effort is made to keep this weblog semantic and accessible. If all
has gone according to plan, this website will scale from [modern
browsers][] to handheld devices to text-based browsers all the way back
to NSCA Mosaic 1.0. If you have any difficulty viewing this site, you
are free to [drop Adam a line][].
[Creative Commons]:
[Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0]:
[available for posterity]: /theme-evolution "Theme Evolution"
[theme files are available online]:
[GNU Public License]:
[modern browsers]:
[drop Adam a line]:
Title: Accidental Absence
Date: 2005-03-27 19:38
Author: Adam
Category: Games
Sorry I've been away. I took a trip to the beach.
Yes, I've been playing [Final Fantasy XI][] (FFXI) with extreme
frequency for the past six weeks. This game is nothing short of
immersive, with more to discover than I could ever possibly have time
for. Of course, I love it for that.
That's all, really. I won't bore you with the details... for now.
[]: /~adam/2005/03/27/beach_t.jpg
[![][]]: /~adam/2005/03/27/beach.jpg
[Final Fantasy XI]:
Title: ACGT, If You Please
Date: 2003-11-15 01:28
Author: Adam
Category: Personal
I have this problem speaking my mind. I clam up, don't say anything that
might be remotely confrontational. Even sometimes, when I think it's
important, I still say nothing. Don't ruffle the feathers, don't stir up
those waters. I wonder where it comes from. I think, My dad seems like
this, did I get it from him? Is quiescence hereditary, a part of my
genes? Will I curse my kids with the same flaws, or am I just being
paranoid? Was the lack of social interaction growing up? Is it because
I'm a guy? (No, shouldn't stereotype.)
So since I can't tell people, I tell my blog instead. Everyone, and no
one in particular. A public apology that I'll probably want to push down
the stack as quickly as possible come morning.
Title: Activism (or Lack Thereof)
Date: 2003-02-21 22:13
Author: Adam
Category: Politics
Between [Ani DiFranco][] and one of my current professors, I've been
hearing a lot about the terrible things done in the name of America.
I've known for a long time that the US isn't the bastion of freedom and
generosity that we're all led to believe. So much death and poverty
happens so we can live the life we live. We wear clothing made by
sweatshop labor; we eat food cultivated on land stolen from South
American natives; we wage war to avenge Daddy President and pick up a
little oil to boot. Hegemony, warmongering, multinational corporations..
What to do?
I want so badly to just stop it all, but it seems so big.
[Ani DiFranco]:
Title: ADOdb, MySQL, and Transactions
Date: 2008-07-23 11:03
Author: Adam
Category: Personal
Tags: ADOdb, PHP, Programming
![][]I was just bit by some assumptions I made with [ADOdb][], MySQL 5,
and transaction support. I've been using [Smart Transactions][] with
success on other systems, but during my current project I noticed the
SQL commands were being processed without respecting my `FailTrans()`
Turns out I was using a storage engine that did not support
transactions. While InnoDB is ACID-compliant, [MyISAM has no support for
transactions][]. Whoops. A few `ALTER TABLE`s later and I'm back in
[]: /~adam/wp-uploads/2008/07/myisam.png
[Smart Transactions]:
[MyISAM has no support for transactions]:
Title: Ads vs. Content
Date: 2010-05-04 11:00
Author: Adam
Category: Web
Tags: Advertising, AdWords, screenshot
Red highlights added by me. I wonder if Google has policies regarding
this type of ad layout. I think having this poor a ratio of content to
ads dilutes all the advertising. Whatever the case, I hate wading
through this many ads in search of the article.
Title: Targeted Ads in RSS
Date: 2005-01-27 08:19
Author: Adam
Category: Web
Tags: syndication
[Ars Technica][] has started embedding advertisements in their [RSS
feed][]. I've seen this done in bootleg feeds, where the feed maintainer
includes advertisements from the original publisher's site, but the Ars
method is a bit cleaner and not done by a third party. The ad is
actually an image, not any fancy HTML.
They could work on their targeting, though:
![Advertisement for breast form double-sided tape, embedded in the Ars
Technica RSS feed.][]
<span style="font-weight:bold">Update:</span> As of 10:00 PM EST, 27
January, I no longer see the ads in the Ars feed inside Bloglines.
[Ars Technica]:
[RSS feed]:
[Advertisement for breast form double-sided tape, embedded in the Ars
Technica RSS feed.]:
Title: The Downside of AdSense
Date: 2004-09-16 12:49
Author: Adam
Category: Personal
[][] covered New Jersey Governor James McGreevey's confession of
an affair he had with a man he appointed to office. Check the "sponsored
links" at the bottom of the page:
[![Screenshot of][]][]
If I were Time, I would be slightly embarrassed.
[Screenshot of]:
[![Screenshot of][]]:
Title: Adventures in Git: Move Commits from Master to New Branch
Date: 2012-12-01 13:43
Author: Adam
Category: Computers
Tags: Adventures in Git, Git
The other night, I sat down with Git to solve what turned out to be a
very simple problem: what if you've started making commits to your
master branch, but want to move your work into a feature branch? After
staring at `git log` for a few minutes, I had a forehead-slapping
moment. Here's one way to move recent commits into a branch:
Start with a clean master, based off origin/master:
{ hash: 'a' },
{ hash: 'b', },
{ hash: 'c', }
Make a few commits of your own:
{ hash: 'a' },
{ hash: 'b', },
{ hash: 'c', },
{ hash: 'd', },
{ hash: 'e', },
{ hash: 'f', }
Now, let's move these commits to a branch. Simply create a new branch at
the current commit, then reset master back to the state of
(master)$ git branch my-feature(master)$ git reset --hard origin/master
That's all. No `git rebase`, no `git cherry-pick`, just make your branch
and reset master.
{ hash: 'a' },
{ hash: 'b', },
{ hash: 'c', },
{ hash: 'd', branch: 'feature' },
{ hash: 'e', branch: 'feature' },
{ hash: 'f', branch: 'feature' }
Title: Gere on AIDS
Date: 2004-07-12 10:45
Author: Adam
Category: World
CBS News: [AIDS Delegates Differ On Condoms][]:
"The \$200-300 billion spent in Iraq probably could have eradicated
[AIDS]," actor Richard Gere -- one of several celebrities at the meeting
-- told a panel discussion.
[AIDS Delegates Differ On Condoms]:
Title: Alpha Five Updates: Syndicated Feed
Date: 2007-08-30 15:48
Author: Adam
Category: Computers
Tags: Alpha Five
I've created a cron job to scrape the [Alpha Software][] website and
generate [an Atom feed][] for new releases. It's updated every six hours
and I can confirm that it worked for the most recent update. (1759\_3105
showed up in [Google Reader][] the next morning.)
The feed is generated using [Django][]'s django.utils.feedgenerator
class. The code [is online][].
[Alpha Software]:
[an Atom feed]:
[Google Reader]:
[is online]: