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Title: Projects
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Date: 2009-06-25 11:57
Modified: 2014-08-28
Author: Annika
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This page list some past and current projects of mine.
Some of my current interests:
## Code
* [Ansible]( - codifying adhoc server setups built over
years into reproducible setup scripts committed to source control.
* Cocoa - various exploratory projects on iOS and Mac OS X
* [ios-snippets]( sandbox
* [BrowserSwitcher]( status
bar item (incomplete)
* additional work-related projects
* Deploy architecture - improving current deploy process driven by
[gitolite]( hooks
* Current: push to gitolite-managed server, hook triggers "deploy" script
on another machine via ssh, deploy script rpulls and runs process
## Archive
- [][] — Track your MacBook's battery health over time.
Logs data to a SQLite database using Python.
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