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  • v0.4
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    Release v0.4
    • Added -c to the print sub-command for controlling color output
    • Added -s option for quickly switching between sessions (user accounts)
    • Added ability to pipe text to the sub-commands comment, edit, message and submit
    • Fixed bug where sub-command options would not be parsed properly
  • v0.3   Version 0.3
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    Release v0.3
    • Finally added documentation of all the formats
    • Added an example config file
    • Allow submission fullnames as print argument (comments/t3_anid36) to reduce confusion about when to omit the type specifier
    • Fixed portability problems
    • Fixed a bug where the locale would affect printfs' decimal separator
    • Implemented morechildren for comments. All comments will be loaded recursively unless -l is used to limit the amount of printed comments