1. 15 Jul, 2020 2 commits
  2. 14 Jul, 2020 2 commits
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      Pretty-print source mappings · 6388114d
      Zach S authored
      * source-mapping/source-map.el (source-map-file): `pp-buffer' after
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      Rename source-object to source-map... · 26969be4
      Zach S authored
      ...and make lots of changes
      * source-mapping/source-map.el: New file, replacing source-object.el.
      (source-map-expression, source-map-list, source-map-symbol)
      (source-map-vector, source-map-string, source-map-number)
      (source-map-record, source-map-hash-table, source-map-char-table)
      (source-map-byte-code, source-map-other): Renamed from `source-object'.
      Added "code" slot that contains a string of the original form that was
      read. Documented slots.
      (source-map-top-level-form): New struct. Represents a top-level form and
      contains a `source-object' for that expression.
      (source-map-read): Skip whitespace and comments before reading. Bind a
      few edebug variables to avoid corrupting offset data.
      (source-map-file): New function. Outputs a separate file containing
      `source-map-top-level-form's for the supplied Elisp file.