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    [YottaDB/DB/YDB#619] Fix CallMT and CallMDescT usages in util.go and... · a14ed0d8
    Narayanan Iyer authored
    [YottaDB/DB/YDB#619] Fix CallMT and CallMDescT usages in util.go and util_test.go now that they return negative error codes
    * `CallMT` and `CallMDescT` are just Go wrappers for `ydb_ci_t()` and `ydb_cip_t()`. The latter functions
      were changed as part of YottaDB/DB/YDB#619 to return negative error codes (instead of positive error
      codes) and therefore the `CallMT` and `CallMDescT` functions too inherit that change.
      A few usages of these functions in `util.go` and `util_test.go` were fixed to incorporate the new behavior.
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