1. 02 Jan, 2020 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'master' into 'master' · a2a535f2
      Narayanan Iyer authored
      Add Function Library _YDBOCTOVISTAF
      See merge request !11
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      Library of custom Functions _ydboctoFunctions.m · f9142d64
      Chris Combs authored
      CURR_TIMESTAMP() --horolog datetime  or CURR_TIMESTAMP("v") Fileman Datetime
      DATEFORMAT(value,formatcode) -- formats based on datetime type returns MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS as default
      			     -- uses "5ZSP" for fileman dates unless formatcode is otherwise specified
      			     -- if fileman date calls VA routine $$FMTE^XLFDT(value,format) to format
      IFNULL(value,replacer)	    -- Takes a passed field and replaces a null value with whatever is passes as the second
      TOKEN			    -- Renamer for Mumps $Piece function
      Replace(value,finder,replacement) -- takes any string and searches for the finder string to replace it with the
      				replacement string, modified string is returned
      SUBSTRING(value,start,range)   -- returns a part of passed value staring at the position specified by
      				start (2nd parameter), continuing for range (3rd parameter) or
      				end of string whichever comes first
      FMGET(file#,field# or name,keys) -- VistA specific, uses VA Routine $$GET1^DIQ to take foreign kets and fetch a field 					from the specified
      LEFTY(value,characters)		-- return left x characters from value
      RIGHTY(value,caharacters)	-- return right x charaters from value
      PATINDEX(value,searchstring)	-- returns the position of the first occruence of search string in value
      NUMBER(value)			-- returns the mumps equivalent of +value, numeric portion returned only
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      Change translations for date, timestamp and primary_key to numeric · a52d81ed
      Christopher Edwards authored
      Octo previously treated INTEGER and NUMERIC as equivalent, however
      recent changes have changed that equivalency and now the correct
      data type needs to be specified.
      In VistA dates and timestamps are numerics with a decimal point.
      The primary key data type is also converted to a numeric as it is
      possible to have decimals in the IEN columns.
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