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    [#780] [V70000] Fix sudo/ydb910 subtest failure due to ydbinstall using --utf8 without a value · 85726392
    Narayanan Iyer authored
    * The `sudo/ydb910` subtest in the YDBTest repository failed with the following symptom.
      --utf8 needs a value
    * This test invokes `ydbinstall.sh --from-source` to build YottaDB from source. That option uses the
      `sr_unix/ydbinstall.sh` script from the YDB repository master branch on gitlab. And before transferring
      control to that script, the current version of `sr_unix/ydbinstall.sh` strips out any parameters that
      were specified after `--utf8` in the current ydbinstall.sh invocation (this change was done as part
      of a prior `[V70000]` commit 6bbb033f).
    * The YDB master version does not support `--utf8` without any additional parameters and hence issues the
      above error (as it is a pre-V7.0-000-merge version).
    * To avoid this test failure, this commit adds a `default` parameter after the `--utf8` before invoking
      the YDB master ydbinstall.sh.