YottaDB r1.00

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1.00 July 4, 2017 r1.00 - Initial release

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YottaDB LLC Support
40 Lloyd Avenue, Suite 104 Customers: Contact your YottaDB support channel
Malvern, PA 19355, USA All others: See below

For free (to you) support from members of communities who run widely available applications on YottaDB, please use an application-specific list where appropriate.



YottaDB r1.00 is the first YottaDB release, intended to validates the development processes of production grade releases of YottaDB LLC. Each YottaDB release is built on a GT.M release, and on the preceding YottaDB release (this first release of course has no preceding YottaDB release). Except for bugs and fixes, which by their nature are not upward compatible, our intent is for each YottaDB release to be functionally and operationally upward compatible with both its YottaDB and GT.M predecessors. The release notes call your attention to any changes that we think you should review with possible compatibility issues in mind.


A platform is a combination of a CPU architecture and an operating system. A platform is Supported, Supportable, or Unsupported. Supported means that we have the platform in our development environment and test each release on that platform. Supportable means that although we do not necessarily have such a platform in our environment, we have no reason to believe that the software will not run on it. All others are Unsupported.

Platform Supported Version(s) Notes
x86 GNU/Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Recent releases of major Linux distributions (including Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x) with contemporary versions of kernels, glibc and ncurses are Supportable. Running on Arch Linux requires the ncurses5-compat-libs package to be installed.


Follow the instructions for installing GT.M in the Installation Procedure section of Chapter 2 (Installing GT.M) in the GT.M Administration and Operations Guide.

Upgrading to YottaDB r1.00

As YottaDB r1.00 is an upward compatible alternative to GT.M V6.3-001A, install YottaDB and follow the instructions in the GT.M V6.3-001A Release Notes.

Change History


Id Category Summary
#2 Language A way for application code to determine whether it is running on YottaDB or GT.M
#3 Language Two argument $[z]length to use $[z]piece cache
#4 Other Change default direct mode prompt to make it easier for users to know whether they're interacting with YottaDB or GT.M

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