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[#1043] Remove special cc M object linker for ARM; better checks for failure

Sam Habiel requested to merge shabiel/YDB:ydb1043-ccVSld-arm into master
  • It seems that needing to link M objects with cc on ARM versus standard ld is no longer needed based on manual testing on an ARM6 system.
  • Standardize on (not ld, for Alpine's sake, per commit 65751cd2)
  • Check for in ydbinstall
  • Check result of ld operation, so we don't have a repeat of the issue in #1043 (closed): the command failed (it was not found on the system), but we never checked what the status was.

Tested using the sudo suite on x64/ARM7 systems; and tested that Dockerfiles build properly on x64/ARM7 and contain file.

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