1. 27 Oct, 2017 1 commit
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      Various fixes to the configure script · 01fa2065
      Narayanan Iyer authored
      * If used interactively, do not turn on sh verbose mode as it prints a lot of output.
      	Use that only for invocations through ydbinstall which redirect the output to a file anyways.
      * If RemoveIPC=no is not set in /etc/systemd/logind.conf, and configure script is used interactively
      	(instead of invoking it through ydbinstall.sh), a function to prompt user for a Y or N answer
      	(yes_or_no) was missing. Add it.
      * For reasons not yet known, ld in Linux on the ARM does not create a usable shared library
      	(e.g. libgtmutil.so) when linking compiled M routines in. Use cc instead which works fine.
  2. 26 Oct, 2017 3 commits
  3. 25 Oct, 2017 9 commits
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      Disable fstack-protector for pro builds (helps reduce executable size) but... · 9f04a758
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      Disable fstack-protector for pro builds (helps reduce executable size) but enable it for all functions explicitly for dbg builds
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      [#66] [NARS1] [shabiel] Change --donotchangeRemoveIPC option in... · e7b021cc
      Narayanan Iyer authored
      [#66] [NARS1] [shabiel] Change --donotchangeRemoveIPC option in ydbinstall.sh to --preserveRemoveIPC
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      [#66] [NARS1] [shabiel] Address review comments (fix r1.00 install issue on... · 5e1a7319
      Narayanan Iyer authored
      [#66] [NARS1] [shabiel] Address review comments (fix r1.00 install issue on RHEL/CentOS, add RemoveIPC option in ydbinstall.sh)
        a) r1.00 did not have a rhel-specific tarball. Take that into account instead of erroring out.
        b) Add --donotchangeRemoveIPC option to let user decide not to change the RemoveIPC setting
        	in /etc/systemd/login.conf if needed by configure.gtc
      ydbinstall.sh & configure.gtc
        a) Change ydb_configure_removeipc env var to ydb_change_removeipc
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      [#66] [NARS1] [shabiel] Move interactive part (RemoveIPC question) from... · a863add2
      Narayanan Iyer authored
      [#66] [NARS1] [shabiel] Move interactive part (RemoveIPC question) from ydbinstall.sh to configure.gtc
        a) The RemoveIPC=no setting is necessary for YottaDB to run well but the question of whether it is okay
           to add that setting needs to be asked in configure.gtc (which is where all other questions are asked
           as well) and not in ydbinstall.sh (where users usually expect no interaction).
        b) If driven from ydbinstall.sh, the ydb_configure_removeipc variable would be set so do not prompt
           for a Y or N question but use the value of the environment variable as the response.
        c) If configure is driven from ydbinstall.sh (and not a terminal), it is useful to have the actual
           response echoed to the configure_*.out file for later examination if needed.
        a) Rename gtm_id/gtm_grep to ydb_id/ydb_grep
        b) Remove temporary directory (e.g. /tmp/tmp.vKBAPPxYOj) at end of successful install.
           It continues to be left around in case of a failed install.
        c) Move RemoveIPC=no codeblock to configure.gtc as that is where interactive stuff exists.
           Instead set an env var ydb_configure_removipc to "yes" to indicate to configure.gtc that if ever
           the need arises to add this setting, it can treat the user's response as a yes.
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      [#66] [NARS1] [shabiel] Do not use -rdynamic for C link-time flags (default... · 29ac63a4
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      [#66] [NARS1] [shabiel] Do not use -rdynamic for C link-time flags (default in cmake) as that bloats executable sizes unnecessarily
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      [#66] [NARS1] [shabiel] Provide list of needed packages (and command to... · e5d17bcd
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      [#66] [NARS1] [shabiel] Provide list of needed packages (and command to install) to build YottaDB on various linuxes
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      [#66] [NARS1] [shabiel] Enhance scripts to install README.md of YottaDB... · 588d0e98
      Narayanan Iyer authored
      [#66] [NARS1] [shabiel] Enhance scripts to install README.md of YottaDB (equivalent of README.txt of GT.M); Fix ydbinstall.sh bug in previous commit
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      [#66] [NARS1] [shabiel] Make it easier to install YottaDB from a source or binary tarball · 64bcbbb7
      Narayanan Iyer authored
      README.md : Make it easier to build and install YottaDB from source
        a) Fix more occurrences of GT.M/gtm to YottaDB/ydb
        b) Make help more useful by printing some example usages
        c) Do not print full help in case of an error. Just point to help so actual error is highlighted.
        d) Add support for Linux on ARMV7L
        e) Fix bug (default case label should be "*" and not "default")
        f) Derive YottaDB release # (not GT.M version #) if ydbinstall and mumps are bundled together
        g) Issue error messages if wget fails
        h) Starting YottaDB r1.10, there will be binary tarballs for Linux x86_64, RHEL x86_64
           and Linux armv7l (named yottadb_r110_linux_x8664_pro.tgz, yottadb_r110_rhel7_x8664_pro.tgz
           and yottadb_r110_linux_armv7l_pro.tgz respectively). Enhance this script to determine the
           appropriate tarball for the current host and download it.
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      [NARS1] [estess] Fix sr_armv7l/GTMDefinedTypesInitRelease.m and... · e85c2b49
      Narayanan Iyer authored
      [NARS1] [estess] Fix sr_armv7l/GTMDefinedTypesInitRelease.m and sr_armv7l/GTMDefinedTypesInitDebug.m to account for YottaDB r1.10 changes
  4. 24 Oct, 2017 27 commits