Commit 0bbdb2e9 authored by Eugene Shapovalov's avatar Eugene Shapovalov 💬

Resolve discussion comments.

parent b03f6ec1
......@@ -17,7 +17,6 @@ import ru.terrakok.gitlabclient.entity.issue.IssueState
import ru.terrakok.gitlabclient.extension.getXTotalHeader
import ru.terrakok.gitlabclient.model.repository.session.SessionRepository
import ru.terrakok.gitlabclient.model.system.SchedulersProvider
import javax.inject.Inject
......@@ -28,8 +27,7 @@ class IssueRepository @Inject constructor(
private val api: GitlabApi,
private val schedulers: SchedulersProvider,
@DefaultPageSize private val defaultPageSizeWrapper: PrimitiveWrapper<Int>,
private val markDownUrlResolver: MarkDownUrlResolver,
private val sessionRepository: SessionRepository
private val markDownUrlResolver: MarkDownUrlResolver
) {
private val defaultPageSize = defaultPageSizeWrapper.value
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