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# Gitfox
Gitfox is an Android client for Gitlab
GitFox is your application to manage GitLab projects using an intuitive interface.
In addition, it is a showcase of the "Clean Architecture" concepts and some useful libraries.
Information for contributors on the [Wiki page](
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GitFox brings you the next features:
* OAuth and custom server authorization.
* Activity stream from all projects.
* Issue and MergeRequest details.
* Markdown support
and much more...
## Code structure
App is constructed according to the Single Activity approach:
* The whole app is contained into the AppActivity
* Every user flow is implemented inside FlowFragment containers
* And every single screen is created in child fragments
### Packages
Here is a description of the most important packages and the logic behind the structure.
**entity** - the main business logic objects
**extension** - utility Kotlin extensions
**** - data sources, such as api, local storage, in-memory cache
**model.repository** - repositories for async work with data sources and mappers for business logic models
**model.interactor** - mobile app logic divided by features.
Mostly, the whole app logic is contained on the server, so these classes are quite "thin"
**model.system** - error handling, system helpers, etc
**presentation** - presenters with according view interfaces:
- presenter handles navigation and only the user input influencing business logic and/or data.
In case if there are only view-related changes (animations, changes of view state without touching the business logic, etc)
these changes should be inside the view implementations and not in the presenter.
- presenter handles and passes to its View business logic or data changes
- overall, presenter stays relatively "thin" too
**ui** - view implementation and everything that is bound to views only: animations, data binding, recycler view adapters
## Contribution
Information for contributors is in the [Wiki page](
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