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## Master
New languages:
New styles:
## Version 9.15.6
New languages:
New styles:
- Move dependencies to be devDependencies.
- Fixed security issues in dev dependencies.
## Version 9.15.5
New languages:
New styles:
🔥 Hot fix: updated build tool.
## Version 9.15.4
New languages:
New styles:
🔥 Hot fix: reverted hljs cli build tool, as it was causing issues with install.
## Version 9.15.3
New languages:
New styles:
🔥 Hot fix: reverted hljs cli build tool, as it was causing issues with install.
## Version 9.15.2
New languages:
New styles:
🔥 Hot fix that was preventing highlight.js from installing.
## Version 9.15.1
New languages:
New styles:
- Pony: Fixed keywords without spaces at line ends, highlighting of `iso` in class definitions, and function heads without bodies in traits and interfaces. Removed FUNCTION and CLASS modes until they are found to be needed and to provide some of the fixes.
- Support external language files in minified version of highlight.js (#1888)
## Version 9.15
New languages:
New styles:
- new cli tool `hljs` - allows easier [building from command line](docs/building-testing.rst#building-a-bundle-from-the-command-line).
- cpp: Fully support C++11 raw strings. (#1897)
- Python: Treat False None and True as literals (#1920)
## Version 9.14.2
New languages:
New styles:
- *Gauss* fixed to stop global namespace pollution [Scott Hyndman][].
- fix(Tcl): removed apostrophe string delimiters (don't exist)
[Scott Hyndman]:
## Version 9.14.1
New languages:
New styles:
- Pony: language improvements (#1958)
## Version 9.14.0
New languages:
New styles:
- Pony: add missing "object" highlighting (#1932)
- Added *XQuery* built-in functions, prolog declarations, as well as parsing of function bodies, computed and direct constructors, by [Duncan Paterson][]
- fix(dart): Corrects highlighting with string interpolation. (#1946)
- fix(swift): be eager on optional-using types (!/?) (#1919)
- fix(tex): Changed cyrillic to unicode (IE11 throw SCRIPT5021) (#1601)
- fix(JavaScript): Recognize get/set accessor keywords (#1940)
- Fixed Dockerfile definition when using highlight continuation parameter, by [Laurent Voullemier][]
- Added tests & new `annotation` and `verbatim` keywords to *Crystal*, by [Benoit de Chezelles][]
- Added missing dockerfile markup tests, by [Laurent Voullemier][]
Allow empty prompt text in clojure-repl, by [Egor Rogov][]
- Fixed several issues with *Crystal* language definition, by [Johannes Müller][]
- Added `C#` as an alias for *CSharp* language, by [Ahmed Atito][]
- Added generic user-defined proc support, new compiler define, refactor to re-use rules, and add tests to *GAUSS*, by [Matthew Evans][]
- Improve *Crystal* language to highlight regexes after some keywords, by [Tsuyusato Kitsune][]
- Fix filterByQualifiers: fileInfo can be null
- Fixed String interpolation in Dart, by [Scott Hyndman][].
[Laurent Voullemier]:
[Benoit de Chezelles]:
[Johannes Müller]:
[Ahmed Atito]:
[Matthew Evans]:
[Tsuyusato Kitsune]:
[Scott Hyndman]:
[Duncan Paterson]:
## Version 9.13.1
- *C#* function declarations no longer include trailing whitespace, by [JeremyTCD][]
- Added new and missing keywords to *AngelScript*, by [Melissa Geels][]
- *TypeScript* decorator factories highlighting fix, by [Antoine Boisier-Michaud][]
- Added support for multiline strings to *Swift*, by [Alejandro Isaza][]
- Fixed issue that was causing some minifiers to fail.
- Fixed `autoDetection` to accept language aliases.
[Melissa Geels]:
[Antoine Boisier-Michaud]:
[Alejandro Isaza]:
## Version 9.13.0
New languages:
- *ArcGIS Arcade* by [John Foster][]
- *AngelScript* by [Melissa Geels][]
- *GML* by [meseta][]
- *isbl* built-in language DIRECTUM and Conterra by [Dmitriy Tarasov][].
- *PostgreSQL* SQL dialect and PL/pgSQL language by [Egor Rogov][].
- *ReasonML* by [Gidi Meir Morris][]
- *SAS* by [Mauricio Caceres Bravo][]
- *Plaintext* by [Egor Rogov][]
- *.properties* by [bostko][] and [Egor Rogov][]
New styles:
- *a11y-dark theme* by [Eric Bailey][]
- *a11y-light theme* by [Eric Bailey][]
- *An Old Hope* by [Gustavo Costa][]
- *Atom One Dark Reasonable* by [Gidi Meir Morris][]
- *isbl editor dark* by [Dmitriy Tarasov][]
- *isbl editor light* by [Dmitriy Tarasov][]
- *Lightfair* by [Tristian Kelly][]
- [*Nord*][nord-highlightjs] by [Arctic Ice Studio][]
- *[🦄 Shades of Purple](* by [Ahmad Awais][]
- New attribute `endSameAsBegin` for nested constructs with variable names
by [Egor Rogov][].
- *Python* highlighting of escaped quotes fixed by [Harmon][]
- *PHP*: Added alias for php7, by [Vijaya Chandran Mani][]
- *C++* string handling, by [David Benjamin][]
- *Swift* Add `@objcMembers` to `@attributes`, by [Berk Çebi][]
- Infrastructural changes by [Marcos Cáceres][]
- Fixed metachars highighting for *NSIS* by [Jan T. Sott][]
- *Yaml* highlight local tags as types by [Léo Lam][]
- Improved highlighting for *Elixir* by [Piotr Kaminski][]
- New attribute `disableAutodetect` for preventing autodetection by [Egor Rogov][]
- *Matlab*: transpose operators and double quote strings, by [JohnC32][] and [Egor Rogov][]
- Various documentation typos and improvemets by [Jimmy Wärting][], [Lutz Büch][], [bcleland][]
- *Cmake* updated with new keywords and commands by [Deniz Bahadir][]
[Ahmad Awais]:
[Arctic Ice Studio]:
[Dmitriy Tarasov]:
[Egor Rogov]:
[Eric Bailey]:
[Gidi Meir Morris]:
[Gustavo Costa]:
[Melissa Geels]:
[Tristian Kelly]:
[Vijaya Chandran Mani]:
[John Foster]:
[David Benjamin]:
[Berk Çebi]:
[Mauricio Caceres Bravo]:
[Deniz Bahadir]:
[Lutz Büch]:
[Piotr Kaminski]:
[Léo Lam]:
[Jan T. Sott]:
[Jimmy Wärting]:
[Marcos Cáceres]:
## Version 9.12.0
New language:
- *MikroTik* RouterOS Scripting language by [Ivan Dementev][].
New style:
- *VisualStudio 2015 Dark* by [Nicolas LLOBERA][]
- *Crystal* updated with new keywords and syntaxes by [Tsuyusato Kitsune][].
- *Julia* updated to the modern definitions by [Alex Arslan][].
- *julia-repl* added by [Morten Piibeleht][].
- [Stanislav Belov][] wrote a new definition for *1C*, replacing the one that
has not been updated for more than 8 years. The new version supports syntax
for versions 7.7 and 8.
- [Nicolas LLOBERA][] improved C# definition fixing edge cases with function
titles detection and added highlighting of `[Attributes]`.
- [nnnik][] provided a few correctness fixes for *Autohotkey*.
- [Martin Clausen][] made annotation collections in *Clojure* to look
consistently with other kinds.
- [Alejandro Alonso][] updated *Swift* keywords.
[Tsuyusato Kitsune]:
[Alex Arslan]:
[Morten Piibeleht]:
[Stanislav Belov]:
[Ivan Dementev]:
[Nicolas LLOBERA]:
[Martin Clausen]:
[Alejandro Alonso]:
## Version 9.11.0
New languages:
- *Shell* by [Tsuyusato Kitsune][]
- *jboss-cli* by [Raphaël Parrëe][]
- [Joël Porquet] has [greatly improved the definition of *makefile*][5b3e0e6].
- *C++* class titles are now highlighted as in other languages with classes.
- [Jordi Petit][] added rarely used `or`, `and` and `not` keywords to *C++*.
- [Pieter Vantorre][] fixed highlighting of negative floating point values.
[Tsuyusato Kitsune]:
[Jordi Petit]:
[Raphaël Parrëe]:
[Pieter Vantorre]:
## Version 9.10.0
Apologies for missing the previous release cycle. Some thing just can't be
automated… Anyway, we're back!
New languages:
- *Hy* by [Sergey Sobko][]
- *Leaf* by [Hale Chan][]
- *N1QL* by [Andres Täht][] and [Rene Saarsoo][]
- *Rust* got updated with new keywords by [Kasper Andersen][] and then
significantly modernized even more by [Eduard-Mihai Burtescu][] (yes, @eddyb,
Rust core team member!)
- *Python* updated with f-literals by [Philipp A][].
- *YAML* updated with unquoted strings support.
- *Gauss* updated with new keywords by [Matt Evans][].
- *Lua* updated with new keywords by [Joe Blow][].
- *Kotlin* updated with new keywords by [Philipp Hauer][].
- *TypeScript* got highlighting of function params and updated keywords by
[Ike Ku][].
- *Scheme* now correctly handles \`-quoted lists thanks to [Guannan Wei].
- [Sam Wu][] fixed handling of `<<` in *C++* defines.
[Philipp A]:
[Philipp Hauer]:
[Sergey Sobko]:
[Hale Chan]:
[Matt Evans]:
[Joe Blow]:
[Kasper Andersen]:
[Eduard-Mihai Burtescu]:
[Andres Täht]:
[Rene Saarsoo]:
[Philipp Hauer]:
[Ike Ku]:
[Guannan Wei]:
[Sam Wu]:
## Version 9.9.0
New languages
- *LLVM* by [Michael Rodler][]
- *TypeScript* updated with annotations and param lists inside constructors, by
[Raphael Parree][].
- *CoffeeScript* updated with new keywords and fixed to recognize JavaScript
in \`\`\`, thanks to thanks to [Geoffrey Booth][].
- Compiler directives in *Delphi* are now correctly highlighted as "meta".
[Raphael Parree]:
[Michael Rodler]:
[Geoffrey Booth]:
## Version 9.8.0 "New York"
This version is the second one that deserved a name. Because I'm in New York,
and the release isn't missing the deadline only because it's still Tuesday on
West Coast.
New languages:
- *Clean* by [Camil Staps][]
- *Flix* by [Magnus Madsen][]
- [Kenton Hamaluik][] did a comprehensive update for *Haxe*.
- New commands for *PowerShell* from [Nicolas Le Gall][].
- [Jan T. Sott][] updated *NSIS*.
- *Java* and *Swift* support unicode characters in identifiers thanks to
[Alexander Lichter][].
[Camil Staps]:
[Magnus Madsen]:
[Kenton Hamaluik]:
[Nicolas Le Gall]:
[Jan T. Sott]:
[Alexander Lichter]:
## Version 9.7.0
A comprehensive bugfix release. This is one of the best things about
highlight.js: even boring things keep getting better (even if slow).
- VHDL updated with PSL keywords and uses more consistent styling.
- Nested C-style comments no longer break highlighting in many languages.
- JavaScript updated with `=>` functions, highlighted object attributes and
parsing within template string substitution blocks (`${...}`).
- Fixed another corner case with self-closing `<tag/>` in JSX.
- Added `HEALTHCHECK` directive in Docker.
- Delphi updated with new Free Pascal keywords.
- Fixed digit separator parsing in C++.
- C# updated with new keywords and fixed to allow multiple identifiers within
generics `<...>`.
- Fixed another slow regex in Less.
## Version 9.6.0
New languages:
- *ABNF* and *EBNF* by [Alex McKibben][]
- *Awk* by [Matthew Daly][]
- *SubUnit* by [Sergey Bronnikov][]
New styles:
- *Atom One* in both Dark and Light variants by [Daniel Gamage][]
Plus, a few smaller updates for *Lasso*, *Elixir*, *C++* and *SQL*.
[Alex McKibben]:
[Daniel Gamage]:
[Matthew Daly]:
[Sergey Bronnikov]:
## Version 9.5.0
New languages:
- *Excel* by [Victor Zhou][]
- *Linden Scripting Language* by [Builder's Brewery][]
- *TAP* (Test Anything Protocol) by [Sergey Bronnikov][]
- *Pony* by [Joe Eli McIlvain][]
- *Coq* by [Stephan Boyer][]
- *dsconfig* and *LDIF* by [Jacob Childress][]
New styles:
- *Ocean Dark* by [Gavin Siu][]
Notable changes:
- [Minh Nguyễn][] added more built-ins to Objective C.
- [Jeremy Hull][] fixed corner cases in C++ preprocessor directives and Diff
- [Victor Zhou][] added support for digit separators in C++ numbers.
[Gavin Siu]:
[Builder's Brewery]:
[Victor Zhou]:
[Sergey Bronnikov]:
[Joe Eli McIlvain]:
[Stephan Boyer]:
[Jacob Childress]:
[Minh Nguyễn]:
[Jeremy Hull]:
## Version 9.4.0
New languages:
- *PureBASIC* by [Tristano Ajmone][]
- *BNF* by [Oleg Efimov][]
- *Ada* by [Lars Schulna][]
New styles:
- *PureBASIC* by [Tristano Ajmone][]
Improvements to existing languages and styles:
- We now highlight function declarations in Go.
- [Taisuke Fujimoto][] contributed very convoluted rules for raw and
interpolated strings in C#.
- [Boone Severson][] updated Verilog to comply with IEEE 1800-2012
- [Victor Zhou][] improved rules for comments and strings in PowerShell files.
- [Janis Voigtländer][] updated the definition of Elm to version 0.17 of the
languages. Elm is now featured on the front page of <>.
- Special variable `$this` is highlighted as a keyword in PHP.
- `usize` and `isize` are now highlighted in Rust.
- Fixed labels and directives in x86 assembler.
[Tristano Ajmone]:
[Taisuke Fujimoto]:
[Oleg Efimov]:
[Boone Severson]:
[Victor Zhou]:
[Lars Schulna]:
[Janis Voigtländer]:
## Version 9.3.0
New languages:
- *Tagger Script* by [Philipp Wolfer][]
- *MoonScript* by [Billy Quith][]
New styles:
- *xt256* by [Herbert Shin][]
Improvements to existing languages and styles:
- More robust handling of unquoted HTML tag attributes
- Relevance tuning for QML which was unnecessary eager at seizing other
languages' code
- Improve GAMS language parsing
- Fixed a bunch of bugs around selectors in Less
- Kotlin's got a new definition for annotations, updated keywords and other
minor improvements
- Added `move` to Rust keywords
- Markdown now recognizes \`\`\`-fenced code blocks
- Improved detection of function declarations in C++ and C#
[Philipp Wolfer]:
[Billy Quith]:
[Herbert Shin]:
## Version 9.2.0
New languages:
- *QML* by [John Foster][]
- *HTMLBars* by [Michael Johnston][]
- *CSP* by [Taras][]
- *Maxima* by [Robert Dodier][]
New styles:
- *Gruvbox* by [Qeole][]
- *Dracula* by [Denis Ciccale][]
Improvements to existing languages and styles:
- We now correctly handle JSX with arbitrary node tree depth.
- Argument list for `(lambda)` in Scheme is no longer highlighted as a function
- Stylus syntax doesn't break on valid CSS.
- More correct handling of comments and strings and other improvements for
- More subtle work on the default style.
- We now use anonymous modules for AMD.
- `macro_rules!` is now recognized as a built-in in Rust.
[John Foster]:
[Denis Ciccale]:
[Michael Johnston]:
[Robert Dodier]:
## Version 9.1.0
New languages:
- *Stan* by [Brendan Rocks][]
- *BASIC* by [Raphaël Assénat][]
- *GAUSS* by [Matt Evans][]
- *DTS* by [Martin Braun][]
- *Arduino* by [Stefania Mellai][]
New Styles:
- *Arduino Light* by [Stefania Mellai][]
Improvements to existing languages and styles:
- Handle return type annotations in Python
- Allow shebang headers in Javascript
- Support strings in Rust meta
- Recognize `struct` as a class-level definition in Rust
- Recognize b-prefixed chars and strings in Rust
- Better numbers handling in Verilog
[Brendan Rocks]:
[Raphaël Assénat]:
[Matt Evans]:
[Martin Braun]:
[Stefania Mellai]:
## Version 9.0.0
The new major version brings a reworked styling system. Highlight.js now defines
a limited set of highlightable classes giving a consistent result across all the
styles and languages. You can read a more detailed explanation and background in
the [tracking issue][#348] that started this long process back in May.
This change is backwards incompatible for those who uses highlight.js with a
custom stylesheet. The [new style guide][sg] explains how to write styles
in this new world.
Bundled themes have also suffered a significant amount of improvements and may
look different in places, but all the things now consistent and make more sense.
Among others, the Default style has got a refresh and will probably be tweaked
some more in next releases. Please do give your feedback in our
[issue tracker][issues].
New languages in this release:
- *Caché Object Script* by [Nikita Savchenko][]
- *YAML* by [Stefan Wienert][]
- *MIPS Assembler* by [Nebuleon Fumika][]
- *HSP* by [prince][]
Improvements to existing languages and styles:
- ECMAScript 6 modules import now do not require closing semicolon.
- ECMAScript 6 classes constructors now highlighted.
- Template string support for Typescript, as for ECMAScript 6.
- Scala case classes params highlight fixed.
- Built-in names introduced in Julia v0.4 added by [Kenta Sato][].
- Refreshed Default style.
Other notable changes:
- [Web workers support][webworkers] added bu [Jan Kühle][].
- We now have tests for compressed browser builds as well.
- The building tool chain has been switched to node.js 4.x. and is now
shamelessly uses ES6 features all over the place, courtesy of [Jeremy Hull][].
- License added to non-compressed browser build.
[Jan Kühle]:
[Stefan Wienert]:
[Kenta Sato]:
[Nikita Savchenko]:
[Jeremy Hull]:
[Nebuleon Fumika]:
## Version 8.9.1
Some last-minute changes reverted due to strange bug with minified browser build:
- Scala case classes params highlight fixed
- ECMAScript 6 modules import now do not require closing semicolon
- ECMAScript 6 classes constructors now highlighted
- Template string support for Typescript, as for ECMAScript 6
- License added to not minified browser build
## Version 8.9.0
New languages:
- *crmsh* by [Kristoffer Gronlund][]
- *SQF* by [Soren Enevoldsen][]
[Kristoffer Gronlund]:
[Soren Enevoldsen]:
Notable fixes and improvements to existing languages:
- Added `abstract` and `namespace` keywords to TypeScript by [Daniel Rosenwasser][]
- Added `label` support to Dockerfile by [Ladislav Prskavec][]
- Crystal highlighting improved by [Tsuyusato Kitsune][]
- Missing Swift keywords added by [Nate Cook][]
- Improve detection of C block comments
- ~~Scala case classes params highlight fixed~~
- ~~ECMAScript 6 modules import now do not require closing semicolon~~
- ~~ECMAScript 6 classes constructors now highlighted~~
- ~~Template string support for Typescript, as for ECMAScript 6~~
Other notable changes:
- ~~License added to not minified browser build~~
[Kristoffer Gronlund]:
[Søren Enevoldsen]:
[Daniel Rosenwasser]:
[Ladislav Prskavec]:
[Tsuyusato Kitsune]:
[Nate Cook]:
## Version 8.8.0
New languages:
- *Golo* by [Philippe Charrière][]
- *GAMS* by [Stefan Bechert][]
- *IRPF90* by [Anthony Scemama][]
- *Access logs* by [Oleg Efimov][]
- *Crystal* by [Tsuyusato Kitsune][]
Notable fixes and improvements to existing languages:
- JavaScript highlighting no longer fails with ES6 default parameters
- Added keywords `async` and `await` to Python
- PHP heredoc support improved
- Allow preprocessor directives within C++ functions
Other notable changes:
- Change versions to X.Y.Z SemVer-compatible format
- Added ability to build all targets at once
[Philippe Charrière]:
[Stefan Bechert]:
[Anthony Scemama]:
[Oleg Efimov]:
[Tsuyusato Kitsune]:
## Version 8.7
New languages:
- *Zephir* by [Oleg Efimov][]
- *Elm* by [Janis Voigtländer][]
- *XQuery* by [Dirk Kirsten][]
- *Mojolicious* by [Dotan Dimet][]
- *AutoIt* by Manh Tuan from [J2TeaM][]
- *Toml* (ini extension) by [Guillaume Gomez][]
New styles:
- *Hopscotch* by [Jan T. Sott][]
- *Grayscale* by [MY Sun][]
Notable fixes and improvements to existing languages:
- Fix encoding of images when copied over in certain builds
- Fix incorrect highlighting of the word "bug" in comments
- Treat decorators different from matrix multiplication in Python
- Fix traits inheritance highlighting in Rust
- Fix incorrect document
- Oracle keywords added to SQL language definition by [Vadimtro][]
- Postgres keywords added to SQL language definition by [Benjamin Auder][]
- Fix registers in x86asm being highlighted as a hex number
- Fix highlighting for numbers with a leading decimal point
- Correctly highlight numbers and strings inside of C/C++ macros
- C/C++ functions now support pointer, reference, and move returns
[Oleg Efimov]:
[Guillaume Gomez]:
[Janis Voigtländer]:
[Jan T. Sott]:
[Dirk Kirsten]:
[MY Sun]: