Commit 2870b361 authored by Konstantin Tskhovrebov's avatar Konstantin Tskhovrebov 🤖

Move GlideModule into glide package.

parent 68d406b6
package ru.terrakok.gitlabclient.toothpick
package ru.terrakok.gitlabclient.glide
import android.content.Context
import com.bumptech.glide.Glide
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ import com.bumptech.glide.integration.okhttp3.OkHttpUrlLoader
import com.bumptech.glide.load.model.GlideUrl
import com.bumptech.glide.module.AppGlideModule
import okhttp3.OkHttpClient
import ru.terrakok.gitlabclient.toothpick.DI
import toothpick.Toothpick
......@@ -17,9 +18,10 @@ import
class GlideModule : AppGlideModule() {
private val okHttpClient: OkHttpClient = Toothpick
private val okHttpClient: OkHttpClient =
override fun registerComponents(context: Context, glide: Glide, registry: Registry) {
val factory = OkHttpUrlLoader.Factory(okHttpClient)
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