Commit e53629d3 authored by Richard Qian's avatar Richard Qian

Terabite: Add two more drivelines, one for each track, to prevent drive-in-reverse exploits

parent 9e27a159
......@@ -133,10 +133,14 @@
<check-lap kind="lap" same-group="0" other-ids="1" />
<check-line kind="activate" other-ids="2" p1="-352.78 -236.40" p2="-314.16 -236.40"
min-height="-28.32" same-group="1"/>
<check-line kind="activate" other-ids="3" p1="-117.78 -29.93" p2="-99.15 -90.87"
<check-line kind="activate" other-ids="3 4" p1="-117.78 -29.93" p2="-99.15 -90.87"
min-height="-32.56" same-group="2"/>
<check-line kind="activate" other-ids="5" p1="-3.02 62.20" p2="-1.50 85.61"
min-height="-32.77" same-group="3 4"/>
<check-line kind="activate" other-ids="5" p1="-37.24 120.91" p2="-22.31 121.41"
min-height="-49.72" same-group="3 4"/>
<check-line kind="activate" other-ids="0" p1="-246.49 141.24" p2="-212.44 119.97"
min-height="-32.55" same-group="3"/>
min-height="-32.55" same-group="5"/>
<item id="Empty" x="-293.56" y="-32.59" z="-133.44" />
<item id="Empty.001" x="-287.73" y="-32.59" z="-133.49" />
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