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Update README with more information

* Where to find the original model and texture files
* The software used for converting these textures
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A repository holding PNG textures from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. All files have been converted from the original NUTEXB files with [Switch-Toolbox]( Some textures, especially those whose width and/or height are not a power of 2, or are cubemaps, also have DDS files.
The original model and texture files were uploaded by Random Talking Bush and can be fouund at:!AAwWzCjT!Zd5kKpuQcE647DSRtpFShw
This repository uses Git Large File Storage (LFS), in order to keep the repository sizes more manageable. See for more information and how to get the client.
The following software has helped me in conversion of the textures:
* [Compressonator]( - A tool suite from AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) for texture and 3d model compression, optimization and analysis using CPUs, GPUs and APUs. Git repository:
* A custom-made program to convert multiple textures at once, written by me and KillzXGaming: | Upstream repository:
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