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      Release version 1.3.2 · c1e8bd7e
      Richard Qian authored
      This release only deals with the NUMDLB importer to fix dealing with vertex indices and vertex weights.
      The models tested against for this change are Pac-Man's classic form and Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon.
      Minor changes:
      * Fix how vertex indices are determined when importing vertices. This prevents vertex weights from being shared unintentionally with multiple vertices in the same location.
      * Removed the remove_doubles option, as this operation would interfere with the above change and cause animations to distort certain models.
  6. 20 Apr, 2019 1 commit
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      Release version 1.3.1 · 39871bad
      Richard Qian authored
      This release only deals with the NUANMB importer to fix importing visibility tracks.
      Minor changes:
      * Fix visibility tracks not being properly keyed; previously every frame but the
      last one was being overwritten with new actions.
      * Implement method to return the exact name of an object - used to determine if
      a mesh name matches a given track name.
      * Change warning for NUANMB importer to warn about models that don't have bones
      aligned correctly.
  7. 05 Apr, 2019 1 commit
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      Release version 1.3.0 · ad4c40bd
      Richard Qian authored
      Major changes:
      * Stop overwriting object origins; this is needed so that everything will
      properly rotate around the X axis.
      * Improved method of storing vertex color and UV values, theoretically allowing
      for more than five of color maps or UV maps to be read. Both are stored in
      dictionaries to avoid hard-coding limits.
      * Duplicate UV coordinates are made unique; this allows for things like some
      assist fighters' eyes to be properly textured.
      * Add new UI option to allow importing black vertex colors; they are not
      imported by default as they can cause meshes to become too difficult to see.
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      Release version 1.2.0 · 29e54ff3
      Richard Qian authored
      Minor changes:
      * Bump minimum Blender version to 2.77
      * Remove import_method option from the NUANMB importer, as it wasn't well-tested
  10. 01 Apr, 2019 1 commit
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      Part 10 of writing the NUANMB importer · dd613b40
      Richard Qian authored
      I determined that SMD (Valve Source Model) files are correctly transformed when
      NUANMB files are applied to them, most likely because the armatures in those
      files had their bone roll properly recalculated. This is what will be my main
      focus: fixing the bone roll in my imported models so that animations will
      deform them correctly.
      Major changes:
      * Material offset data is now read, but its data is not actually collected; this
      allows more kinds of animation files to be read without causing errors
      Minor changes:
      * Update the readme and changelog to reflect the current state of the NUANMB
      importer (it can successfully import supported data into Blender, but my
      models are incorrectly deformed by it; this prevents me from declaring the
      importer as stable/ready-to-use)
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      Preparing for 1.0.0 release · e3e9164b
      Richard Qian authored
      * Move everything that are not importer scripts to an extras folder
      * Sync the command-line model script with some changes from the main
      model importer script
      * Add a changelog for keeping track of changes between released versions
      * Update the readme to reflect that the model importer script is declared
      stable, with a few limitations