Commit c563df93 authored by Fabian Vogt's avatar Fabian Vogt

Merge branch 'fusermountftw' into 'master'

Add back use of fusermount for linux

See merge request kde/kio-fuse!9
parents b4d716e2 acee63c3
......@@ -88,13 +88,17 @@ void FileOpsTest::cleanupTestCase()
// Make sure that the mountpoint is not busy
QProcess umountProcess;
// umount has to be setuid root (Linux) or vfs.usermount=1 (FreeBSD)
umountProcess.start(QStringLiteral("umount"), {m_mountDir.path()});
QProcess unmountProcess;
// No fusermount on FreeBSD, use umount directly instead
unmountProcess.start(QStringLiteral("umount"), {m_mountDir.path()});
unmountProcess.start(QStringLiteral("fusermount3"), {QStringLiteral("-u"), m_mountDir.path()});
QCOMPARE(umountProcess.exitStatus(), QProcess::NormalExit);
QCOMPARE(umountProcess.exitCode(), 0);
QCOMPARE(unmountProcess.exitStatus(), QProcess::NormalExit);
QCOMPARE(unmountProcess.exitCode(), 0);
// Remove only after umounting suceeded
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