1. 23 Apr, 2019 1 commit
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      cmake and ci improvements · a8ae5b6e
      Nikolaus Demmel authored
      - ci: add build jobs for Debug/RelWithDebInfo on Bionic, as well as
        release builds on Xenial and El Capitan. Use templates to simplify
      - cmake: raise minimum version to 3.10
      - cmake: add workarounds to support macOS < 10.14
      - cmake: set ccache only if not yet set and print info
      - cmake: add NDEBUG define (to disable asserts) for release build and
        EIGEN_INITIALIZE_MATRICES_BY_NAN for others. Add externally supplied
        CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS at the end to allow overriding the defaults.
      - tests: add enable_testing() in main CMakeLists.txt, such that we can
        call 'ctest' from build folder.
      - tests: simplify gtest / gtest_main linking
      - tests: enabled benchmarks only on Linux with GCC (doesn't compile
        with clang)
      - tests: use the newer gtest_discover_tests instead of add_test, which
        adds a separate cmake test for every gtest, even with multiple
        defined in a single executable. Its not only more reliable and less
        verbose in the CMakeLists.txt, but also allows to run 'ctest'
        without -V and still see status for every individual test.
  2. 08 Apr, 2019 3 commits