Commit d6a27f97 authored by Vincent Tam's avatar Vincent Tam

Theme: sync for self hosted scripts

parent 88f69f6c
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......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ enableGitInfo = true
comments = true
readingTime = true
useHLJS = true
selfHosted = true
socialShare = true
# gcse = "012345678901234567890:abcdefghijk" # Get your code from Make sure to go to "Look and Feel" and change Layout to "Full Width" and Theme to "Classic"
copyright = "CC BY-SA 4.0"
Subproject commit c9f7ac1dd8810bbf936bb86c8f08596694c63b90
Subproject commit 664522091aacd8cbb6d02298e50c6e3dda59fde7
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