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Post Staticman GitHub invitation error

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title: Staticman Invitation is Case Sensitive
subtitle: "A recent invitation error under Staticman v3"
date: 2018-12-19T16:08:19+01:00
type: post
- blogging
- Staticman
- GitHub
HTML and URL links are _case insensitive_. For example, GOOGLE.COM and give the _same_ address. As a result, after creating
[my fork of Beautiful Jekyll][bjfork], I invited [@staticmanlab][slab]
to join my GitHub repo by firing the URL
but I got
{{< gallery >}}
{{< figure src="invite1.png" title="Failed Staticman invitation" caption="The case for GitHub user name doens't match" alt="failed Staticman Lab invitation" >}}
{{< figure src="invite2.png" title="Successful Staticman invitation" caption="The case for GitHub user name match" alt="successful Staticman Lab invitation" >}}
{{< /gallery >}}
After matching `vincenttam` with the case of my user name displayed in the link
for each of [GitHub] repos,
{{< figure src="invite3.png" title="Collaborator successfully added" caption="Screenshots compressed by" alt="github collaborator" >}}
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