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### Other GitHub Pages served by Staticman v3
1. [A fork of my demo Jekyll site][fork]
1. A fork of my demo Jekyll site at
2. [Ultima IV Trinity][trinity]
3. [Cohere City's pledge][cohere-city]
4. [Static Chuck!][chuck] (Another clone of my demo GitHub repo)
5. [Des voyages, une aventure][sdessus] (in French)
<i class="fas fa-info-circle fa-lg fa-pull-left" aria-hidden></i>
Upgrading to v3 *doesn't* mean dropping backward compatibility for v2. (at
least, in the near future) Here's a (non-exhausive) list of sites running on a
custom API server.
1. [Personal Website Of Morteza Asadi][asadi] (in Iranian)
2. [Ricardo Adão's blog][ricardonadao]
3. [Thoughts][skryl]
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