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title: "Zsh and NPM Setup on Ubuntu"
subtitle: "Automate settings with Oh My Zsh"
date: 2018-09-06T13:00:53+02:00
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- technical support
- zsh
- npm
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### Problem
After installing NPM throught Ubuntu's default `apt-get` manager, I got
[permission errors][so-npm]. Though `sudo` can solve the problem, that's _not_
the right way in principle because NPM is supposed to hold different versions of
Node.js packages for testing. It's _insecure_ to execute `npm` with `sudo`
### Solutions
1. Install Zsh to improve efficiency
2. Grab [Oh My Zsh][ohmyzsh] to instal NVM as its plugin.
sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"
3. Use NVM (NPM Version Manager) to manage NPM.
4. Use NPM to manage Node.js.
### External links
1. [Linux hint][lh]
2. [Sven Boekhoff's Zsh install and setup guide][sb]
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