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title: "Customized Archetype for This Site"
date: 2019-08-10T16:28:46+02:00
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- Hugo
draft: false
### Background
I prefer including the date into the Permalink of a post. Everytime I create
a new post, I type
hugo new post/$(date -I)
to ensure that the date is correct.
### Problem
The `title` field in the post's front matter contained the date, which _wasn't_
something that I wanted because it's already shown next to the
<i class="fas fa-clock" aria-hidden></i> icon.
### Observations
Neither `\d` nor `[\d]` works for the PCRE character class `\d`.
### Solution
I tried piping `replaceRE`, but I _didn't_ manage to get it work. Thanks to
[this Hugo forum answer][soln], I've finally solved the problem.
title: "{{ slicestr .Name 11 | humanize | title }}"
date: {{ .Date }}
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- notag
draft: true
The number `11` comes from the character count of `2019-08-10-`.
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