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title: "Laptop Battery Life"
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title: "Towards Better File Management"
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### Background: 🈶 ⛪ → 🌿
✉ → 📧 In the recent decade, organizations are replacing courrier with email.
The reason is two-folded. 🌿 First, the later is more environmentally-friendly.
📨 Second, the later delivers the content to the recipient quick as a flash.
📧 📎 <i class="fas fa-file-signature" aria-hidden></i> When one sends an email,
one sometimes wants to attach a file to an email. If one has to sign a paper
document and send it by email, then one will probably need a scanner. (Despite
the emergence of scanning apps on mobile devices, the quality of a scanner is
normally better since the page is flattened during the scan.)
### Problem 📄 💾 → 🖥 / ☁
The documents are often saved to _some local/cloud storages_. How
to manage their versions?
### Solution Primer
Add a date to file name.
However, when one has hundreds of _unorganized_ files in a folder, how can one
deal with `foo-bar-2018.odt` and `2018-foo-bar.odt`?
### Use `rsync`
`rsync` is a quick solution, but it _doesn't_ scale. One has to do the backup
for _each_ machine. That's no big deal for several devices, but that's _not_
the way for sharing files among an _array_ of computers.
### Use git-annex
[git-annex] is like a librarian. Only symbolic links 🔗 are written into the <i
class="fab fa-git" aria-hidden></i> index. The binary files are stored as
binary objects under 📁 `.git/annex`.
### <i class="fas fa-external-link-alt" aria-hidden></i> External links
1. [git-annex's offical page][git-annex]
2. [📄 🔁 🖥 Sync ses ordi][phy]
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