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Add xml examples

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<TennisEvent ID="121" EventTime="2018-11-13T18:00:00" Home="Grigor Dimitrov" Away="Rodger Federer">
<Market ID="1111" Number="1" Name="Match Result">
<Selection ID="11111" Number="1" OddsDecimal="1.55" Participant="HOME" />
<Selection ID="11112" Number="2" OddsDecimal="2.31" Participant="AWAY" />
<Market ID="1112" Number="2" Name="Correct Score Sets">
<Selection ID="11113" Number="1" Description="2 - 1" OddsDecimal="3.53" Participant="HOME" />
<Selection ID="11114" Number="2" Description="2 - 0" OddsDecimal="6.93" Participant="HOME" />
<Selection ID="11115" Number="3" Description="0 - 2" OddsDecimal="10.19" Participant="AWAY" />
<Selection ID="11116" Number="4" Description="1 - 2" OddsDecimal="6.15" Participant="AWAY" />
<FootballEvent ID="5097152" EventTime="2018-11-13T19:00:00" Home="Bulgaria" Away="Germany">
<Market ID="25179210" Number="1" Name="Match Result">
<Selection ID="60475643" Number="1" OddsDecimal="2.55" Participant="HOME" />
<Selection ID="60475645" Number="2" OddsDecimal="3.83" Participant="DRAW" />
<Selection ID="60475644" Number="3" OddsDecimal="2.31" Participant="AWAY" />
<Market ID="25179211" Number="2" Name="Correct Score">
<Selection ID="60475646" Number="1" Description="0 - 0" OddsDecimal="47.48" Participant="DRAW" />
<Selection ID="60475652" Number="2" Description="1 - 1" OddsDecimal="5.42" Participant="DRAW" />
<Selection ID="60475657" Number="3" Description="2 - 2" OddsDecimal="14.83" Participant="DRAW" />
<Selection ID="60475647" Number="4" Description="1 - 0" OddsDecimal="14.32" Participant="HOME" />
<Selection ID="60475648" Number="5" Description="2 - 0" OddsDecimal="11.52" Participant="HOME" />
<Selection ID="60475653" Number="6" Description="2 - 1" OddsDecimal="6.53" Participant="HOME" />
<Selection ID="60475649" Number="7" Description="3 - 0" OddsDecimal="20.84" Participant="HOME" />
<Selection ID="60475654" Number="8" Description="3 - 1" OddsDecimal="23.65" Participant="HOME" />
<Selection ID="60475650" Number="9" Description="4 - 0" OddsDecimal="100.57" Participant="HOME" />
<Selection ID="60475651" Number="10" Description="0 - 1" OddsDecimal="13.47" Participant="AWAY" />
<Selection ID="60475655" Number="11" Description="0 - 2" OddsDecimal="10.19" Participant="AWAY" />
<Selection ID="60475656" Number="12" Description="1 - 2" OddsDecimal="6.15" Participant="AWAY" />
<Selection ID="60475658" Number="13" Description="0 - 3" OddsDecimal="17.34" Participant="AWAY" />
<Selection ID="60475659" Number="14" Description="1 - 3" OddsDecimal="20.92" Participant="AWAY" />
<Selection ID="60475660" Number="15" Description="0 - 4" OddsDecimal="78.71" Participant="AWAY" />
<Market ID="25179248" Number="3" Name="Total Goals">
<Selection ID="60475768" Number="1" Description="0 Goals" OddsDecimal="48.44" />
<Selection ID="60475769" Number="2" Description="1 Goals" OddsDecimal="7.02" />
<Selection ID="60475770" Number="3" Description="2 Goals" OddsDecimal="2.72" />
<Selection ID="60475771" Number="4" Description="3 Goals" OddsDecimal="2.36" />
<Selection ID="60475772" Number="5" Description="4 Goals" OddsDecimal="5.49" />
<Market ID="25179221" Number="4" Name="Penalty in Match">
<Selection ID="60475707" Number="1" Description="Yes" OddsDecimal="22.24" />
<Selection ID="60475707" Number="2" Description="No" OddsDecimal="1.24" />
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<FootballEvent ID="5097152" EventTime="2018-11-13T19:00:00" Home="Bulgaria" Away="Germany">
<Market ID="25179210" Number="1" Name="Match Result">
<Selection ID="60475643" Number="1" OddsDecimal="2.60" Participant="HOME" />
<Selection ID="60475645" Number="2" OddsDecimal="3.72" Participant="DRAW" />
<Selection ID="60475644" Number="3" OddsDecimal="2.25" Participant="AWAY" />
<Market ID="25179248" Number="3" Name="Total Goals" Status="Close" />
\ No newline at end of file
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