Commit e013437c authored by Sherry Lake's avatar Sherry Lake

Update women-leaders-openness.csv - added Sherry Lake's twitter

parent 00e247de
......@@ -495,7 +495,7 @@ Shannon Fiume,@safiume,Open NanoCarbon,37.8760521,-123.5415606
Sharon Farb,,UCLA,34.068921,-118.4451811
Shawn Daugherty,,SPARC,37.776906,-122.4141207
Sherri Barnes,,UC Santa Barbara,34.4139629,-119.848947
Sherry Lake,,University of Virginia,38.0335529,-78.5079772
Sherry Lake,@shlakeuva,University of Virginia,38.0335529,-78.5079772
Shilpa Rele,@ShilpaRele,Rowan University Libraries,39.7090928,-75.1190762
Shirley Zhao,@zhao_shirley,University of Utah,40.7649368,-111.8421021
Sian Harris,@SianHarris8,INASP,51.748999,-1.258634
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