Commit c6ca5f62 authored by Vicky Steeves's avatar Vicky Steeves 👽

added new folks from april's list

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......@@ -548,4 +548,12 @@ Xenia van Edig,@xeniavanedig, Publications,51.5369166,9.8568136
Yasmeen Shorish,@yasmeen_azadi,James Madison University,38.435092,-78.8697548
Yuan Li,,Princeton,40.3439888,-74.6514481
Yvonne Nobis,@yvonnenobis,"Betty and Gordon Moore Library, University of Cambridge",52.2101937,0.1032597
Zoe Wake Hyde,,Rebus Community,40.728951,-73.993319
\ No newline at end of file
Zoe Wake Hyde,,Rebus Community,40.728951,-73.993319
Camilla Smith,@camillasmithse,National Library of Sweden,59.338163,18.072134
Camilla Lindelöw,@camillalindelow,National Library of Sweden,59.338163,18.072134
Sara Mörtsell,@SaraMrtsell,Wikimedia Sverige/Sweden,59.3284372,18.0442597
Sofie Wennström,@SofieWennstrom,Stockholm University Library,59.363273,18.0609661
Eva Stensköld,@EvaStenskold,Research funding Sweden,40.7534902,-73.9722437
Lisbeth Söderqvist,,Swedish Research Council,40.7534902,-73.9722437
Sabina Anderberg,@SabinaAnderberg,Stockholm University Library,59.363273,18.0609661
Fiona Tweedie,@FCTweedie,University of Melbourne,-37.8002484,144.9564344
\ No newline at end of file
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