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updated neelie kroe's twitter handle

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......@@ -396,7 +396,7 @@ Natalia Norori,@natalianorori,Open Access Button,9.9357761,-84.183385
Natalie Harrower,@natalieharrower,Digital Repository of Ireland,53.3421362,-6.2601903
Natalie M. Baur,@nataliembaur,UNAM,19.3188895,-99.1843676
Natalie Meyers,@nkmeyers,Center for Open Science ,38.0318841,-78.4841551
Neelie Kroes,@nancypontika,European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda,58.3033796,16.0361778
Neelie Kroes,@NeelieKroesEU,European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda,58.3033796,16.0361778
Nelle Varoquaux,,Berkeley Institute for Data Science,37.872495,-122.259556
Niamh Brennan,@niamhbrennan,TCD,32.93343,-96.8067735
Nicky Agate,,Modern Language Association / Humanities Commons,40.7039998,-74.0112394
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