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updated list to match google doc

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......@@ -525,3 +525,12 @@ Yasmeen Shorish,@yasmeen_azadi,James Madison University,38.435092,-78.8697548
Yuan Li,,Princeton,40.3439888,-74.6514481
Yvonne Nobis,@yvonnenobis,"Betty and Gordon Moore Library, University of Cambridge",52.2101937,0.1032597
Zoe Wake Hyde,,Rebus Community,40.728951,-73.993319
Madison Sullivan,,University of Washington Libraries,47.6557702,-122.3078427
Teresa Schultz,@tschultz0,University of Nevada Reno Libraries,39.543642,-119.815425
Monica McCormick,@moncia,University of Delaware Libraries,39.6780454,-75.7529159
Sandra Enimil,@CopyrightLady,The Ohio State University Libraries,39.9991926,-83.0148625
Maria Scheid,,The Ohio State University Libraries,39.9991926,-83.0148625
Olivia MacIsaac,@olgrmac,Butler University,39.8411235,-86.1711908
Lisa Schiff,,California Digital Library,37.8084754,-122.2674787
Clare Appavoo,,Canadian Research Knowledge Network,45.4235658,-75.6841499
Carolina De Volder,@cvdevolder,Universidad de Buenos Aires,-34.5998875,-58.3730695
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