Commit a2b860fd authored by Courtney Soderberg's avatar Courtney Soderberg

Update women-leaders-openness.csv with twitter handle for Courtney Soderberg

parent 0965025d
......@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ Claudia Holland,,George Mason University,38.8315541,-77.3120885
Claudia Lupp,,Heliyon Journal,51.5174787,-0.0958995
Colleen Cressman,,Harvard Office for Scholarly Communication,42.3770029,-71.1166601
Corina Logan,@LoganCorina,University Cambridge,52.2042666,0.1149085
Courtney Soderberg,,Center for Open Science,38.0318841,-78.4841551
Courtney Soderberg,@cksoderberg,Center for Open Science,38.0318841,-78.4841551
Cynthia Hudson Vitale,@cynhudson,Washington University in St. Louis,38.6488,90.3108
Dame Wendy Hall,,University of Southampton,50.935742,-1.3966381
Damjana Kastelic,@Damjana_Kas,CRG,40.722126,-73.99214
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