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moved incorrect twitter handle to right person (viviane -> ginny)

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......@@ -482,7 +482,7 @@ Vika Zafrin,@veek,Boston University,42.3504997,-71.1053991
Virgina Brusa,@virbrussa,Universidad Nacional de Rosario,-32.9502729,-60.636032
Virginia (Ginny) Pannebacker,@VPannabecker,Virginia Tech,37.2283843,-80.4234167
Virginia Barbour,,The Australasian Open Access Strategy Group,-27.4773512,153.0262344
Viviane Toraci Alonso de Andrade,@ginnybarbour,Joaquim Nabuco Foundation,-8.0307394,-34.9250677
Viviane Toraci Alonso de Andrade,,Joaquim Nabuco Foundation,-8.0307394,-34.9250677
Vrushali Dandawate,@vrushalisainath,AISSMS COE Pune,18.5312143,73.8659944
Wilma van Wezenbeek,@wvanwezenbeek,TU Delft Library (Netherlands),52.0027092,4.3753094
Yasmeen Shorish,@yasmeen_azadi,James Madison University,38.435092,-78.8697548
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