Commit 2418d4d4 authored by Vicky Steeves's avatar Vicky Steeves 👽

fixed bad twitter handle @gemmagaldon

parent f7a6c185
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......@@ -186,7 +186,7 @@ Gabriella Rustici,@Dr_Gabry,University of Cambridge,52.2042666,0.1149085
Gail Clement,@Repositorian,Caltech,34.1376576,-118.125269
Gail McMillan,,Virginia Tech,37.2283843,-80.4234167
Gail Steinhart,@gailst,Cornell,42.4534492,-76.4735027
Gemma Galdon,@gemmagaldon ,Eticas R&C,43.3621945,-8.4235054
Gemma Galdon,@gemmagaldon,Eticas R&C,43.3621945,-8.4235054
Gennie Gebhart,@gegebhart,EFF,38.9069913,-77.042952
Georgina Cronin,@senorcthulhu,University of Cambridge,52.2042666,0.1149085
Georgina Taylor,@georginaetaylor,ex-Open Access Button,-12.4255294,130.7932259
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