Commit 1ad6bbe5 authored by Remi Rampin's avatar Remi Rampin

Add a hash to CSV querystring to bypass CloudFlare

parent a40ca0d9
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......@@ -18,6 +18,8 @@ pages:
- mkdir .public
- cp -r * .public/
- mv .public public
- "sed 's/\\( csv_path *[:=] *[\"'\\'']data\\/women-leaders-openness\\.csv\\)\\([\"'\\'']\\)/\\1?h='$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)'\\2/' index.html >public/index.html"
- "sed 's/\\( csv_path *[:=] *[\"'\\'']data\\/women-leaders-openness\\.csv\\)\\([\"'\\'']\\)/\\1?h='$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)'\\2/' map.html >public/map.html"
- public
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