Commit 00e247de authored by Vicky Steeves's avatar Vicky Steeves 👽

fixed Lucy Patterson affiliation/geoloc

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......@@ -344,7 +344,7 @@ Louise Page,,PLOS,57.4587077,41.5043994
Luciana Danielli,,Fiocruz,-22.8749411,-43.2459359
Lucy Irungu,@lisawalton87,University of Nairobi Library,-1.2803586,36.8162641
Lucy Montgomery,@LucyMontgomery_,Knowledge Unlatched Research/Centre for Culture and Technology at Curtin University (Australia),-32.0061951,115.8944182
Lucy Patterson,@lu_cyP,"Coding da Vinci, Wikimedia Deutschland",52.498433,13.381029
Lucy Patterson,@lu_cyP,Freelance/Lacuna Lab,52.4964535,13.4185438
Lydia Ng,@2queues,Allen Institute for Brain Science,47.6251817,-122.3390919
Lydia Pintscher,@nightrose,Wikidata,37.7869785,-122.4018125
Lydia Tacx,,Heliyon Journal,51.5174787,-0.0958995
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