Commit 921ed47f authored by Anna Vernerová's avatar Anna Vernerová
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pos: correct a bug introduced in 66213c85

parent 66213c85
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......@@ -28,7 +28,9 @@ def compute_pos(lu):
attr._data = 'root noun'
elif 'v-w' in lu._id:
attr._data = PDTVALLEX_POS_MAPPING[lu.lemma._data.keys()[0]]
# next(iter(dictionary)) gets a key from that dict
# we rely on the fact that in pdt-vallex, the lu has a single lemma, so there is only one key
attr._data = PDTVALLEX_POS_MAPPING[next(iter(lu.lemma._data))]
lu.dynamic_attrs[] = attr
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