Commit a5a5e1c3 authored by Jonathan L. Verner's avatar Jonathan L. Verner
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fix: doc: generate the changelog & update version !minor

parent e40ad6ad
0.2.0 (2017-04-03)
- Refuse to overwrite preexistent files. [Jonathan Verner]
- Implement the show bibentry subcommand. [Jonathan Verner]
- Update the documentation. [Jonathan Verner]
- Properly pass arguments to BibTeX. [Jonathan Verner]
0.1.0 (2017-04-03)
- Create a Python package installable via pip. [Jonathan Verner]
- Fix list markup in [Jonathan L. Verner]
- Merge branch 'master' of [Jonathan Verner]
- Add license. [Jonathan L. Verner]
- Prepare for public release. [Jonathan Verner]
- Initial commit. [Jonathan Verner]
- Initial project import from KDevelop. [Jonathan Verner]
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ setup(
# Versions should comply with PEP440. For a discussion on single-sourcing
# the version across and the project code, see
description='A simple script to generate a local bib file from a central database',
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