Commit 7e37f00d authored by Vanessa Dannenberg's avatar Vanessa Dannenberg

add some useful info to the itemstack description

parent 5b3cdf0a
......@@ -591,9 +591,14 @@ function minislots.register_machine(mdef)
local stack = ItemStack("minislots:"
local nodemeta = minetest.get_meta(pos)
local stackmeta = stack:get_meta()
stackmeta:set_int("balance", nodemeta:get_int("balance"))
stackmeta:set_string("casino_name", nodemeta:get_string("casino_name"))
local balance = nodemeta:get_int("balance") or 0
local casino = nodemeta:get_string("casino_name")
stackmeta:set_int("balance", balance)
stackmeta:set_string("casino_name", casino)
stackmeta:set_int("last_cashout", nodemeta:get_int("last_cashout"))
def.description.."\n(balance: "..balance.." Mg;\ncasino: "")")
local inv = digger:get_inventory()
if inv:room_for_item("main", stack) then
if (not creative or not creative.is_enabled_for(player_name))
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