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    Split the big "homedecor" mod into multiple sub-mods · b08c0905
    Vanessa Dannenberg authored
    Any of these new submods can be run without any other
    components that were once part of the big "homedecor"
    mod, other than homedecor_common and homedecor_i18n
    Reduced dependencies where possible, but each submod still
    has its various dependencies more or less the same as before,
    i.e. some need basic_materials, others need unifieddyes,
    some need building_blocks, and so on.
    All of the stuff that used to be under homedecor/handlers
    got moved to homedecor_common, as did any models and/or textures
    that are used by more than one other homedecor component.
    All the miscellaneous items that didn't warrant their own
    mod ended up in homedecor_misc, which can also be thought
    of as the remains of the original "homedecor" mod, renamed.
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